Our Work

Using a mix of our marketing expertise and data from neuroscience, we are able to impose strategies that create short, mid-length and long-term results. Our range of case studies show that our innovative marketing plans can be adapted to any client with results speaking for themselves.

Stephensons Solicitors LLP

The Challenge

Award-winning law firm Stephensons came to the agency with an objective to provide their clients with a user-friendly website, that ranks well and delivers a great user experience. They wanted to create a website where website visitors could easily enquire, either online or via the telephone.  Our SEO team got to work creating a high-ranking website, using their knowledge of user behaviour to create a strategy.

Our Solution

Our SEO team created a dynamic and measurable strategy to ensure that the client was visible in search engine results. Looking at competitors and analysing keywords allowed Stephensons to compete with other comparable brands.

The team then created a conversion rate optimization (CRO) campaign. Employing a variety of CRO tactics helped support Stephensons’ initial object, creating a user-friendly website and delivering a greater user experience.

Our experience in marketing for solicitors means that we can develop bespoke plans to help law firms market online. We utilize our knowledge of the sector to develop great results in the short, medium and long term.


By focusing on SEO and user experience, Stephensons saw a 23% increase in overall traffic and a 59% increase in overall conversions for the year. By looking at user experiences on different devices, we also saw a 66% increase in mobile traffic.